The warranty on all the equipment we offer is 6 months.
We just would like to warn you that since to buy such equipment as brand new is impossible, so this equipment is used. That is, we buy it at the maintenance centers that are closed or change their equipment. We always prepare the equipment for sale – we check its serviceability and update the installed software up to the latest version. Since the equipment had already been operated – we test every device in different modes for not more than 24 hours. This is quite enough to ensure its full serviceability. In case of even the slightest failures in the work – this equipment is removed from sales and sent to our maintenance service for fixing the found faults. Thus, by buying the equipment from us, you can be sure in its full serviceability. If during the operation something still happens with your equipment – we will be able to make repair in the shortest time, since all the necessary spares are always available in our warehouse in Moscow.

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