There is nothing eternal in the world. And if so – even a statue of the alloy steel will be destroyed by the time . Not even to mention the complicated electronic device that is under operation in a maintenance center. Because the Xentry Tab tablet and Xentry Connect multiplexer work in very difficult conditions – changes of temperature and humidity, dirt, drops and bumps, not always careful use of the equipment by the employees...
What do you do if you equipment failed? First and foremost – determine why the device stopped working. Probably there was precondition for the failure – for example, the device fell, water got into it, it was connected to the car with faulty electrical equipment... Any detail, that you remember, can help to determine the root cause of the failure and to prevent the recurrence of the fault after repair.
It will be much easier to define the location of the fault, after the reason is determined. And this is the first step to fix it!

Remember – unqualified attempts to make a repair, as a rule, cause a significant increase of repair costs, or even absolute inability to recover your equipment after them! Do not trust the repair to random people!

Our specialists will accomplish repair of your failed equipment in the shortest time. Among our advantages:

  • Warranty and post warranty maintenance of the equipment, purchased from us
  • Excellent knowledge of the equipment, both its hardware and software
  • Huge experience in repair of diagnostic equipment for cars – our company has been working in this area of business since 1997
  • Availability of main spares in the warehouse in Moscow, the shortest terms of delivery of the missing spares from the warehouse of our partners

If necessary, please contact our specialists. We’ll advise you what you will need to check on the spot. In case the remote assistance is impossible, you’ll get full information about what to bring or send for repair.

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