Any, even the simplest electronic device, sooner or later will need technical maintenance. Even lying without movement, they it be covered with dust after a while.
The Xentry Connect multiplexer is not an exception. What part of it needs periodic maintenance? The answer is very simple – it’s cooling system. It consists of two centrifugal fans, which create enough air flow for cooling the electronics. Air is taken from the back side and passes through the channel along the entire multiplexer, getting out from the end where the jacks are located. In the air channel the edges of the two radiators are output, they are pressed by springs to the chips.
From the construction of the device it’s clear that for long and perfect operation, it’s strictly NOT recommended to put the multiplexer so that the vents for the air intakes will be covered or hot air from the engine or, for example, from the heater of the salon gets into it. Watch the right side of the multiplexer in order the vents for the hot air output were not covered. If when working with Xentry Connect, you often hear the noise of the fans at maximum speed but the weather is not hot, it means that it’s high time to take off the fan and purge the air channel by the compressed air. It’s necessary to be done to clean the cooling system from the dust, accumulated inside.

Attention! It’s strictly forbidden to blow the fans with the high pressure air! It can cause their damage.

If for some reasons you disassembled your Xentry Connect completely – do not forget to remove the old thermal grease from the surface of the two chips and the radiators, and to apply fresh thermal grease when reassembling. When reassembling, please, also note that the position of the springs, pressing the radiators, is marked by color highlighter – do not even try to fix the springs in a different position – it will lead to imbalance of the radiator, and may damage the chips.

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