What do you get when purchasing equipment?

You get only what you need. No more and no less. For example, you already have got your own SDConnect DoIP, but from the beginning of 2017 they stop the support of all the equipment of Star Diagnosis family, and your absolutely new multiplexer can no longer program cars, and the older versions of DAS and Xentry do not know about new models of cars at all. It does not matter – you can buy only Xentry Connect, saving on the purchase of the cables to it, as the cables from your SD Connect DoIP are completely compatible with Xentry Connect. Indeed why pay more?

But what if you have got regular SD Connect and not DoIP? Also not a problem – the only difference from recent models is one cable OBD-II. The rest of the cables are fully interchangeable. So buy Xentry Connect and only one OBD-II cable. That’s all... You can work.

If it’s not clear what to connect to Xentry Connect and how to manage it, we’ll offer you to install software into a tablet or a laptop. To work with it, you can use any computer with 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows7, 8 or 10 installed.

But if you would like to purchase the full kit, no problem. On request we can supply to you Xentry Kit that includes original tablet by Panasonic, with such a kit, in terms of equipment, your work place will not differ from the similar one at the dealer’s Maintenance Centers.