Xentry Connect

The original Xentry Connect multiplexer by Actia (Germany).

Only the originals – no clones. We test all the equipment before sending it to the customer and download into it the most recent version of the software with all the hotfixes available at the time of sale. In order to get the subsequent hotfix for the installed version of the software just connect the multiplexer to the Internet. It will download and install the essential updates and fixes.

Only purchasing the original equipment you can be confident in the quality of your work and to guarantee your customers the safety of the equipment connected to the car. Those who have been engaged in car repairs for a long time, more than once could heard, or even experienced the situations, when the equipment of unknown origin, connected to the car, disrupted the work of its electronic systems. Agree, there is nothing happy in the fact that erasing the errors can be erased and the keys assigned to the car…