We strongly recommend you to configure the network connection of your equipment for it to have the access to the Internet. The reason for that is simple - Xentry Connect multiplexer independently connects to the Internet for checking the updates and fixes for the firmware. If any available, it is downloaded and installed into the equipment automatically during the downtime. Thus, we achieve the relevance of all the diagnostic data as well as quick fix of the errors, detected by the manufacturer.
But it all works for one version of software, change of software version is not possible this way. You will have to download and install software updated version by yourself.
Our company receives software updates directly from the manufacturer on a regular base. Due to the remoteness of most of our customers from our office, to speed up the procedure of software versions change and to maintain the relevance of the diagnostic data, we use online updates.
All data necessary for the update, without any delay, are placed on several servers that collectively form a “cloud” system of data storage. Each server has its own high-speed channel to the Internet. This allows multiple customers to download the software, necessary for the update, simultaneously and without speed reduction.

The order of updates installation into your equipment is described in details in the documentation for update on the respective page.

Attention! Prior to install or update software on any diagnostic equipment for Mercedes car, it is recommended to check if the number of your multiplexer is not in the Black list*. If the number will be blocked after the update, the operation of your diagnostic equipment will be violated!
* - In the Black list they record serial numbers of any multiplexer for the diagnostics of Mercedes – from D-series to Xentry Connect & Xentry VCI multiplexers!