What is the difference between the diagnostic systems on the base of Xentry Connect and other equipment that are used for the diagnostics of the Mercedes cars? What are their special features?

  • Hardware, despite it is similar to many other solutions with the multiplexer SDConnect, is different. All the diagnostic software is downloaded into the multiplexer Xentry Connect itself.
  • Software for managing process can be installed into any computer with Windows 7 - 32-bit or Windows 8 - 32-bit and is necessary only for the connection with the multiplexer.
  • Licensing procedure has been modified – now the licenses are stored on the MB servers – any changes of the license are controlled by multiplexer at the moment of connection to the Internet.

The right choice

In 2015 the support of all the equipment of the Star Diagnosis family was stopped. First, it means the absence of the diagnostic data updates for the newest cars and their systems, as well as the absence of ability of coding and programming of electronic units because of the difference between the outdated level of data in the software and the current data in the car ECU.
Already in the end of 2014 the Star Diagnosis Compact4 with the SDConnect DoIP multiplexers, used before, were almost completely withdrawn from the most part of the dealer’s Maintenance Centers. Instead of them the dealers were provided with Xentry Kits that include the state-of the-art Xentry Connect multiplexers and Xentry Tabs by Panasonic. The Tabs are native, though there is the analogue modification of it, named Panasonic Toughbook CF-D1, that has a little less time of autonomous work than the native Xentry Tab, but that has much more rich configuration.
Frankly speaking, I suppose that the necessity to use exactly Xentry Tab at the dealer’s Maintenance Centers is slightly exaggerated. It’s pretty clear why dealers use them, as for them it’s obligatory. But what about private Maintenance Centers? Definitely, the Tab by Panasonic is very good.... But... The price for it throws into depression. For the price of it you could really buy eight new laptops or tablets of other manufacturers. Or to manage it in a radical way and to buy the second Xentry Connect at the Maintenance Center since the software that manages Xentry Connect can be downloaded easily into any computer with 32-bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed. With the Xentry Connect everything is clear, there is no alternative to it... But the computer...
In any case, to buy the complete kit or limit the purchase to one multiplexer is what each manager decides for himself. Because there are so many reasons which make the manager to take this or that decision. The main thing is that starting 2015 the Xentry Connect multiplexer becomes the only solution to be used by the dealer’s Maintenance Centers.
Thus, by purchasing this equipment, you are keeping pace with the progress. You use in your work the best to date. Every your customer, after having seen that in your work you use the same equipment he saw at the dealer’s Maintenance Center, will understand that he made the right decision that he entrusted his car to your specialists.