When creating this site, there were many disputes about the necessity or uselessness of the online store.
The main criterion for the necessity is the ease of placing order and of making payments. However, we do not sell anything that can be purchased just by one click. Any purchase of equipment for the car maintenance center is not spontaneous. Before purchase you need to take a decision to replace the outdated equipment with the newest one, define the required quantity, find out the capabilities of the seller to accomplish warranty repair, maintenance and to update the equipment...
You also need to define the methods and terms of delivery. So, it’s still not clear if it’s necessary to add to the site the methods of order processing and switching it to payment systems. Because every your order is - individual! It means that it is discussed with our specialist, all the details are specified, and only after that the order comes into operation.
If you decided to replace your outdated equipment by the newest one, contact us. .We’ll choose for you the optimal kit!

Attention! For order and purchase, please contact us by any way convenient for you. We’ll answer any your questions, and will choose the best payment and delivery option for your purchase. Do not forget that all the necessary cables need to be ordered separately. The price of each is 160 euros.

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