• Xentry Diagnosis VCI

    Only the original multiplexers from Bosch. Made in Germany
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  • Xentry Connect

    Only the original multiplexers from Actia. Made in Germany
  • Beauty in the Details

    Highest reliability of original equipment
  • Full speed Ahead!

    The best equipment for those who always looks to the future
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The main Features

What is the difference between the diagnostic systems on the base of Xentry Connect and other equipment that are used for the diagnostics of the Mercedes cars?

Easy Installation for Xentry Connect

Software for managing process can be installed into any computer with Windows 7, 8, 10 - 32-bit or 64-bit.

The latest data

Automatic download hotfixes from the Internet. Diagnostic data on the device always have the latest version.

Step into the future

In connection with the termination of the official support of Star Diagnosis in 2015 - Xentry Connect and Xentry VCI - the main diagnostic tools used by dealers Mercedes.

Xentry Connect work with desktops...
...brilliant with tablets...
and even with smartphone!
  • We offer To our clients

For our clients, we offer a full range of services for selling and supporting devices Xentry Connect and Xentry Kit, including the repair of this equipment in case of faults.